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Join the Quannessence community. Quannessence Skincare's Ambassador Program is a way for individuals to earn benefits by promoting the Quannessence brand to their friends, family, and social media followers. As an Ambassador, you will receive a personalized promo code to share with others and earn rewards.

To become an Ambassador, you must first apply through the website and be accepted into the program. Once accepted, you will receive access to exclusive Ambassador-only resources, such as product images and marketing materials, to help you promote the brand effectively.

One of the major perks of being a Quannessence Ambassador is the flexibility that it provides. As an Ambassador, you can work at your own pace and promote the brand in an authentic way. You can share your own experiences using the products, and give honest, heartfelt recommendations to others. Quannessence also provides training, webinars and support through the Ambassador program to help promote its brand to reach its highest potential.

Quannessence Skincare is a niche professional skincare brand that provides cosmetic & therapeutic effects by treating the skin with a unique holistic approach to go beyond external symptoms—proudly designed, researched & produced Canadian skincare to offer a premium self-care brand sourced from nature's best.

Overall, Quannessence Skincare's Ambassador Program is a great opportunity for anyone who loves skincare and wants to earn rewards by sharing their passion with others.

Looking to support a canadian professional skincare brand?

We are proudly Canadian cosmeceuticals company located in PEI where we research & manufacture our products. With our unique holistic approach to skincare, we are able to treat skin conditions and offer medical grade results. Want to learn more? Let’s connect so we can reach new heights together.

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