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Oür Founder

Sharon Quann, a practicing aesthetician for more than 33 years, has brought together an enthusiastic team devoted to combining nature's bounty in novel formulations to fill cosmeceutical industry gaps. Each product is formulated to address and manage specific skin conditions producing purely positive and natural results. Guided by traditional knowledge and cutting-edge science, each product is exclusively made on Prince Edward Island. Sharon envisions new products, and her team perfects each formula, cruelty-free, over many iterations until they have been Quann-ified

Once merely a dream, Sharon created Quannessence to provide her adored clients with the gorgeous skin she always knew they were worthy of.

“You are the reason Quannessence is here. We have created our exquisite skincare lines so that you may more fully express your unique beauty and shine more brightly in the world. May you feel as much joy using our products as we did creating them for you and your skin health. We hope you’ll value sharing in our culture to enjoy lifelong, deeply beautiful, healthy skin through self-care.”

With elegance, ease, grace, and harm to none,

– Sharon Quann & the Quannessence Team

Quannessence: Canadian Holistic Skincare Sourced from Nature's Best

Oür Story

A young woman from a small island went to Germany to study holistic skincare. Her name was Sharon, and she knew she'd found her life's work. She came back to Prince Edward Island, and over the next twenty-odd years, she performed facial treatments on thousands of satisfied clients.

Sharon herself was not yet fulfilled as she could not find the natural skincare creams and serums to achieve the results she desired for her beloved clients. She wanted to give them healthy, radiant skin quickly, but everything she tried fell short.

She nurtured the dream of creating a natural skincare line that would perform to her exacting specifications for a long time. But, as a single mom raising her two beautiful children, she couldn't do it independently. Which meant her dream had to wait.

Today, Sharon is finally able to manifest her vision for holistic skincare. She has brought together an enthusiastic team devoted to combining nature's bounty in novel formulations. Guided by traditional knowledge and cutting-edge science, they perfected each formula over many iterations until it was Quannefied. Once merely just a dream, Sharon has created to provide her adored clients with the Deeply Beautiful HealthySkin™ she always knew they were worthy of.

 Quannessence: Canadian Holistic Skincare Sourced from Nature's Best

Oür Philosophy

We are proudly Canadian, and we strive to offer a premium self-care brand with a holistic approach to skincare sourced from nature's best. 

Quannessence Skincare is based on five guiding tenets that reflect the philosophy of the company's approach to everything we do:

Safe Healthy Products: No matter what products we produce, the most important principle that guides us is that they must be safe and healthy for the skin.

Canadian Holistic Skincare Sourced from Nature's Best


Functional: Every product we produce must have proven results and be considered the best our clients have ever used. We will not use ingredients for label appeal, with all ingredients being used at optimal concentrations.

Quannessence: Canadian Holistic Skincare Sourced from Nature's Best


Natural: We base our line on natural ingredients and, wherever possible, use plant-derived extracts with a proven history of safety and functionality.

Quannessence: Canadian Holistic Skincare Sourced from Nature's Best

Treatment Based: All our products form part of advanced professional treatments performed by professional skincare providers and used in home-based treatment regimens.

Quannessence: Canadian Holistic Skincare Sourced from Nature's Best

Cost-Effective: Our products are formulated to be extremely cost-effective by maximizing potency so only small amounts are used, thereby ensuring maximum value for our clients.

Quannessence: Canadian Holistic Skincare Sourced from Nature's Best

Based on 258 reviews
Greatest moisturizer!

This moisturizer is great. It’s not heavy or greasy. It goes on smooth and leaves your face glowing. Perfect for all skin types.

Love this cream!

My favourite!

Good balance

Takes care of blemishes without feeling too drying!

Quannessence Revitalizing Cream is excellent.

My aesthetician used and recommended the Alchemist Revitalizing Cream for me and I’ve been using it for years. It is perfect for my at times sensitive skin. I feel hydrated and it’s not heavy. Such a great product. And how wonderful that it is made in the Maritimes!

Compromised Skin Kit
Ricki Clarke
6 years

I've been using this product for 6 years. When I started I had really bad acne and it cleared up within a week. I've used it constantly since. When I've run out of this product before buying more, my skin has gotten really bad acne again--and been cleared up when I got more ointment. I highly recommend compromised skin ointment. I couldn't live without it.

Great Product !! Really Enjoying !!!

Luminess Uplifting Lotion

Love, Love, Love this lotion. It’s so light and non greasy. Very light hint of a beautiful, fresh frangrance. My definite go to.

QGaia Enrichment Oil
Elizabeth McNeill
Quannessence oil

I love this so much.It makes my face feel so good.My blemishes on my face are almost gone.When I went in the the store to pick up something else the girl there gave me a sample of the oil.

QHyaluron Hydrating Complex

QVital Sleepy Time Hydrating Gel

QAlchemy Revitalizing Cream

I've tried many different creams but this is the best. It's light, creamy and a little goes a long way to make your skin look and feel fantastic! Job well done Quanessense!

Sherry E.

What’s not to love?

I love the light yet rich texture of this cream. It nourishes my skin deeply and I never fail to use it, no matter how tired I feel at the end of the day during my nighttime cleansing routine! You will not regret discovering this remarkable, local company!

QButter Body Butter
Marilyn MacKenzie

Actually, I had given some Body Butter to our daughter who lives in BC and she loved it! Recently she asked me if I could still get it and so I ordered a couple of jars and forwarded them to her. I am always impressed with your notifications of order received, order shipped and when I should expect it. Your follow up is impeccable and I certainly appreciate it! Thank you!

First time purchaser

Loved all the products!

Cleared my skin within a week

A must for sensitive skin and damaged barrier

Alchemist Revitalizing Cream


Soft& creamy. Leaves your skin feeling loved, nourished& clean without being drying!

Amazing 🤩

Gaia Oil is like liquid gold! I’ve never had my skin feel so soft and moisturized! Amazing product!!


I love the way this refreshes without drying your skin.


Since I’ve started this skin care line my skin is amazing. LOVE the cream and how it feels on my face! Would recommend to everyone.

Body scrub

Je m’attendais à un produit un peu plus liquide, mais ça laisse la peau douce.

Crème nettoyante

J’adore ce nettoyant puisque je l’utilise depuis 4 ans. Je vous le recommande!

Amazing on sensitive skin

I have tried to use numerous high end exfoliating scrubs over the years and they all irritated my skin. This little Gem however is amazing skin feels great refreshed and glowing. Pleased it doesn’t not irritate this 48yr old redheads skin. I would highly recommend I’ve been using for a few years now and have turned some friends into it they also love it.

QLuminess Uplifting Lotion
Dr. Nir Shoham-Hazon
Great glow

I’ve started using this lotion and in not only nourishes my skin, it gives it a nice complexion and glow. Thanks for this amazing product.

QGaia Enrichment Oil
Carol O’Hanley
Love love love

One of my favourite skin products!