Moisture Toning Mist


Moisture Toning Facial Mist is a refreshing, hydrating, uplifting toner with a revitalizing citrus base that is invigorating and calming. It is alcohol-free and has been formulated with rose floral water which acts as a skin emollient.

Format: 120ml

Skin types: All Skin Types Excluding Rosacea

Key Ingredients: Propanediol, Aloe Vera, Rose Floral Water, Citrus Essential Oils

Use: Invigorating moisturizing spray to hydrate and tone skin. Not ideal for rosacea skin conditions. 

Directions: Recommended for all skin types excluding Rosacea. As frequently as desired, spray generously on the face, hair, and body. Use on the face before applying serums. 

Storage: Store Moisture Toning Mist in a cool, dry location and keep out of direct sunlight.

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Customer Reviews

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Bonnie MacIsaac
Harmony Rose Toning Mist

Another really nice product from Quannessence!

Clarice d'Entremont
Harmony Rose Toning Mist

Love the softer scent of this toner. Feels great on my skin.

Harmony Rose Toning Mist

A refreshing, hydrating mist that softens the skin!

Harmony Tose Toning Mist

I’ve been using this product for two weeks. I love it. Feels great and the smell is so fresh. Great product.

Heather Mollins
Harmonic Rose Toning Mist

I have rosacea and have been using Quannessence products for years. I recently started using Harmony Rose Toning Mist and love how it makes my skin feel refreshed and soft - smells good too :)
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