QBlemish Purifying Discovery Kit

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QBlemish Purifying Discovery Kit is previously known as the Compromised skin kit

Dramatic results should be seen within the first few weeks of using this potent skin regime for combating acne-prone skin. Our QBlemish Purifying Discovery Kit contains all 6 effective products for addressing and mitigating blemishes.

  1. 30ml QRefine
  2. 15ml QSage
  3. 50ml QClear
  4. 10ml QRemedy
  5. 10ml QVitamins
  6. 15ml QBreakout

Skin Types: Blemished and Acne-Prone Skin

Value: $155 (23% Saving)


Use: 100% natural, non-irritating facial gel cleanser that effectively removes makeup, excess oils, & debris, leaving skin refreshed & hydrated & ready for toning.
Directions: Apply daily morning & night to damp skin & massage into the face to cleanse. Rinse off with warm water or wipe with saturated, dampened cotton pads or cloth. Store in a cool & dry location. 


Use: Refreshing & uplifting manual facial exfoliant that removes excess oil & dead skin cells while leaving the skin feeling rejuvenated & ready for toning.
Directions: Apply 1-2X weekly to damp skin & massage into the face for 3 minutes. Remove with warm water, or wipe with saturated cotton pads or a cloth. Store in a cool & dry location.


Use: This is a gentle face cleanser for oily and acne-prone skin. Salicylic acid removes dirt, debris, makeup, and excess oils, preventing clogged pores and leaving the skin refreshed.
Directions: Once a week, apply 1-2 pumps to fingers and gently massage into skin. Leave on for three minutes. Thoroughly remove with a warm, wet cloth.


Use: A gentle and fast-acting spot treatment that reduces the appearance of breakouts & improves skin tone.
Directions: After cleansing and toning the skin apply a small amount to problem areas. Use daily in the morning and at night, or as required.


Use: Restorative & protective daily facial multi-vitamin serum harnessing the power of encapsulation. Hydrate, nourish & promote healthy skin by strengthening the skin’s moisture & protective barrier.
Directions: After cleansing & toning the skin daily & before moisturizing, apply a pea-sized amount to the face & neck. Shake well before use. Store in a cool & dry location.


Use: Helps maintain the skin’s moisture balance and prevents water loss without an oily texture.
Directions: After cleansing, using ointments and/or serums, apply daily to the face in the morning or as required.

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Customer Reviews

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Sonia Jolin

Compromised Skin Kit

Ricki Clarke
6 years

I've been using this product for 6 years. When I started I had really bad acne and it cleared up within a week. I've used it constantly since. When I've run out of this product before buying more, my skin has gotten really bad acne again--and been cleared up when I got more ointment. I highly recommend compromised skin ointment. I couldn't live without it.

Nicole Bourgeois

Great Product !! Really Enjoying !!!

Lynn Cornellier
Good products

Jaime beaucoup pour mon visage, aide a tenir ma peau hydrater…..

Diane Morrison
Everything you need kit

This kit is an amazing way to try a variety of the products and really experience their benefits. My routine ( because this how I found I couldn’t live without them) includes the cleanser, Hyaluronic and alchemist cream.
The kit also makes a great gift!