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Looking to reverse visible signs of aging?

Looking to reverse visible signs of aging?

This Infinity series honours the gift of aging through eternal beauty⁠ with its age-softening collection, which features innovative serums and moisturizers.

Healthy skin starts with a self-care routine which incorporates cleansing, exfoliating, toning, treating and protecting your skin but with time along with environmental damages, the skin tends to lose its radiance and elasticity.

That's where it's crucial to help your skin by offering advanced formulations consisting of peptides and plant extracts designed to hydrate skin and reverse the visible signs of aging.

Introducing the Solstice Redefining Serum which combines three advanced rejuvenating peptides & hyaluronic acids (HA) that will regenerate the skin for a more youthful appearance.

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Fun fact: the Solstice Redefining Serum incorporates a technology adapted from Bacteria found in the Antarctic that protects the skin from harsh cold environments and some of the most advanced age-softening benefits available today. ⁠

This makes this product excellent for sagging skin with a thinning skin barrier. It is suitable for all skin types with any signs of ageing. Use a pea-size in the morning and at night.⁠

Benefits include:⁠
🥇 Hydration⁠
🥇 Skin barrier improvement⁠
🥇 Reverse visible signs of aging⁠

Key ingredients include:⁠
💯 Hyaluronic Acid⁠
💯 Advanced Anti-Aging Peptides⁠
💯 Oat Beta Glucan⁠
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Quannessence: Canadian Holistic Skincare Sourced from Nature's Best

A Canadian-owned company proudly designs, researches, creates, & produces in PEI, Canada strives to offer a premium self-care brand with a holistic approach to skincare sourced from nature's best. Quannessence is a niche professional skincare brand providing cosmetic & therapeutic effects by treating the skin with a unique holistic approach to go beyond external symptoms.

Quannessence: Canadian Holistic Skincare Sourced from Nature's Best

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