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Sourced from nature's best: Ahiflower

Sourced from nature's best: Ahiflower

Did you know that all Canadian-made Quannessence products are sourced from nature’s best? 

Ahiflower®seed oil is yet another key ingredient that is sourced from nature’s best & part of Quannessence’s Canadian-made products:⁠

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⁠From the flower, we utilize #Ahiflowerseedoil for all its greatness and benefits:⁠
🌻 Ahiflower®seed oil is the latest plant-based entrant in the omega nutrition category⁠. It is used as a vegan omega supplement alternative to fish oil.⁠
🌻 Ahiflower®seed oil is approved by Health Canada⁠
🌻 Ahiflower®seed oil contains a uniquely high combination of omega-3 ALA and SDA (stearidonic acid) plus omega-6 GLA (gamma-linolenic acid)⁠
🌻 Ahiflower®seed oil moisturizes the skin and fights red, dry, or itchy skin caused by skin disorders like atopic dermatitis and psoriasis.⁠
🌻 Ahiflower®seed oil improves skin barrier function, sealing in moisture and keeping out irritants⁠

We do not recommend applying Ahiflower®seed oil directly on your skin as it can clog pores and exacerbate breakouts if you're prone to acne. We’ve meticulously balanced this unique key ingredient in our top sellers for optimal results.

This unique key ingredient is found in many of our top sellers:

Facial Cleansing Cream

Gaia Facial Enrichment Oil

To learn more, visit our ingredients page.

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