Sharon Quann, founder, ceo, quannessence

Sharon Quann
Founder & CEO

Recognized as a trailblazer in the spa and aesthetics
industry in Prince Edward Island, with more than three decades of tenure in the field. She holds over a dozen certifications, establishing her as one of PEI’s most diverse and holistic practitioners. Sharon brings her experience and training as a licensed Naturotherapist and a holistic healing philosophy to develop the Quannessence Skincare line.

 thora christensen, head of research, quannessence
 Thora Christensen
Director of Research & Development

Backed by her Environmental Science degree, Thora directs and implements all organization's research and development policies, objectives, and initiatives. She is passionate about sustainable initiatives that enable long-term, positive impacts. 

emma quann, ambassador, quannessence
 Emma Quann Flavell
Brand Ambassador

Honoured to be part of the Quannessence, Emma enjoyed watching it bloom from a dream to one of the finest professional skincare lines in North America. Since its creation, she has represented the brand and continues to be the leading spokesperson for the Quannessence brand.

Rhonda Thurner, quannessence
Rhonda Turner
Brand Ambassador

Over 23 years of experience in the Aesthetic field, having graduated from Jon Raymond Institute in Moncton, NB, with a certification in Aesthetics, Rhonda has hands-on experience working with several skin care lines throughout her career and is very eager and excited to be Quannessence's brand ambassador.