Solstice Redefining Serum


Nourish Your Skin and Reverse the Signs of Aging with Solstice Redefining Serum

Are you looking for a way to nourish your skin and reverse the visible signs of aging? Look no further than Quannessence Skincare's Solstice Redefining Serum. This advanced formulation consists of three rejuvenating peptides and hyaluronic acid, which work together to regenerate the skin for a more youthful appearance. An Antarctic sourced extract assists in improving the protective function of the skin barrier against environmental damages.

This luxurious anti-aging serum contains some of the most advanced skin remodeling technologies available on the market today. It is designed to enhance the skin barrier functionality by promoting collagen, elastin, new cell production, and repair of damaged skin resulting from injury or environmental aggressors.

With regular use of Solstice Redefining Serum, you can expect to see improved hydration levels, reduced wrinkles and fine lines, and an overall smoother complexion.

Solstice Redefining Serum is part of the Quannessence's age-softening Infinity collection which honours the gift of aging through eternal beauty!

You'll be amazed at how quickly you start to notice a difference in your skin! So why wait any longer? Give your skin the nourishment it needs with Quannessence Skincare's Solstice Redefining Serum today!

Format: 30ml

Skin types: Mature, damaged or environmental stressed skin 

Key Ingredients: Hyaluronic Acid,  Advanced Anti-Aging Peptides, Oat Beta Glucan

Benefit: An advanced formulation consisting of peptides and plant extracts designed to hydrate skin and reverse the visible signs of aging.

Directions: Daily, after cleansing and toning the skin, apply a pea-size amount to the face. Use in the morning and at night for best results.

Storage: Store product in a cool, dry location and keep out of direct sunlight.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 80 reviews
Susan Hoffman
Quannessence all your products

Absolutely in love with your products,after trying many creams and others from different company's ,never did i get these results !!

Nir Shoham-Hazon
Amazing product

This PUR really makes my skin feel silky and fresh. Thanks for creating such great products.

Erin Maclean

I love it

Joanne V.

Great product!

Jacqueline Buckman
First time user

Very pleased. I intended to useThe Azul in conjunction with Solstice. But I think I’ll be able to space them, one-at-a-time. Also, I usually use serums mornings and nights, but to my mind, at least, the benefits were so obvious that I didn’t fret when I collapsed with exhaustion before my bedtime routine, at least not unless I was wearing sunscreen. Incidentally, I’d stopped wearing sunscreen several years ago, even though I used one that was ranked very highly. But Iwas shocked when I read that the number one cancer in the USA is melanoma, and immediately resumed using sunscreen.